Wednesday, April 14, 2010



We got a lot to cover tonight. Just ask El Guapo. As far as i can tell we got six days worth of photo's here. Since we have so many days to cover i'm gonna change the format of the somethingclassic blog. Get ready for a short recap of each day. Lucky you.

Let's do music first
On this day... we had a lovely sunset.

On this day... we got some good riding in. Downtown airport style.

On this day... nice little friday really. Home-brewed beer at Volker Bicycles, tall bike sighting, then some good night riding thanks to the free air at Quicktrip. i love Quicktrip.

On this day... big day today. Mtn bike race in Lawrence, which is always nice. I went Mad Max all over that course. After the race i stayed in Lawrence to soak up the good vibes. Toilet Ducks style. i love that town.

But the day was just warming up... Once back in KC we attended a fried party. That means everyone brings a dish and it gets fried, in a deep fryer, like your french fries at McDolands, which i went to last night by the way, the fried party was lovely, Ocra , marshmallows, apples, pb&j, butter, chicken... everything was an option. That's a fried banana in the photo.

Then we pedaled home, re-charged the batteries, and then pedaled to Buzzard Beach, aka the place where dreams come true, for KC Sprints. Have you heard of this? it's indoor, stationary bike racing, and they do it in a bar. Oh it's a scene, man. it's the most intense 20 something seconds i've experienced in a long time. My stomach hurt for a half hour after i finished. Other people threw up, chugging beer likely contributed to that, all in all it was a nice day.

On this day... We drank cold beer.

On this day... this is tonight. That's Dave, we met on the road, he was kicking my a*s. The weather has been spectacular lately.

Hasta La Vista


  1. Notice the women's softball trophy at the sprints? Yes, some lucky bastard went home with that on Saturday night!

  2. Ha! Ha! Look at me trying to flex! I make a fist like a girl!!!

  3. Dont' go throwing any punches w/that fist Andrea! :)