Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm dreaming of long rides on my mountain bike

For the past week or so i've really been jonsin to ride the mtn bike.

Swope and Blue River are at the top of the list. It seems like Blue River is the forgotten trail. I dont really travel in the local Mtn bike circles so that's an outsiders opinion, but i don't hear many folks talk about it. Personally, i love riding out there, plus it's close to swope so you can ride both. And they're connected by Blue River Parkway... so there's a great road connecting the two. You can pedal to all of it.

I have this thing against loading my bike in my car... i hate to do it. If it's not a race then i avoid it like the plague. Sometimes it's necessary, but Lately, i've been doing too much of it. So these big mountain bike rides i'm envisioning involve pedaling right from my front door.

I've been dreaming of these since last year, but so far they haven't happened. This entire year has been full of start and stop. Get it a good spell of riding, then real life interrupts it, then repeat.

I may be seeing a light at the end of the interruption tunnel.

Time to get the Mtn bike going!

I read that Cadel started today on a special yellow bike, but then switched to his standard bike because he wanted to finish on the bike that got him there. Bad ass.


  1. The dirt is wherevit is at!!! GO!

  2. You riding with us to Lawrence on Sunday?

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