Saturday, February 20, 2010

The last few days... Bike's, Hawks, Jukebox, and r5!

Greetings and salutations,

Let's go with the talk is cheap version of the past few days.

But first some video that's probably not worth posting. But here it is anyway...

So back to the past few days...
  • Scouting the commute on a wednesday night
  • The moon was awesome that night.
  • Spotted the Hawk again, he hangs out near work.
  • Thursday's Weather was so nice that gloves were not necessary.
  • Troost.
  • Cambridge Street. Everyone was walking. That has to be the steepest street in Kansas City, plus it had about 4 tons of sand on it which made it very difficult to ride.
  • Post B-day ride B-day celebration at McCoy's.
  • Dave's Stagecoach Inn smells like a urinal but the awesome juke box makes up for that. Plus every Thursday it's Jukebox Roulette night, guess the song and get a free round. We didn't get it.
  • r5 at Dave's!
Here are some of the Jukebox song's we played at Dave's.

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  1. The jukebox rules. Some day you will win us a round...