Monday, February 15, 2010

Roller-Skating / Text messages / GW's KU column

Hey everybody.

Text message of the week: i could not agree more. But i do always get hammered whenever i'm there, and that can be fun.

Okay, i've really been slacking on this next part. It's GW's KU article, from last Mondays KU - Texas game. Yes it's a week late. What can i say, i'm busy and i'm lazy. So sorry for the delay and here it is...

sti⋅fling [stahy-fling]

suffocating; oppressively close

Yes, you could argue this definition would describe a ride on any of our fair city's buses (especially at rush hour, how can somebody smell that bad?), but today I am using it to describe the Jayhawk's defense in Austin. It seemed the Longhorns didn't get the memo about games being longer than five minutes, because with fifteen minutes left in the first half and a six point lead they completely shut it down. It wasn't just their utter futility in stopping Kansas amidst a 22-0 run (you guys were the top-ranked team in the country? Seriously?), it was also their effort level during this stretch, and really for the remainder of the game, embarrassing (even for me). If it wasn't poor shots and turnovers on the offensive end, it was complete ineptitude on the defensive end. As a KU fan this could be an opportunity to count your blessings, ain't it nice having some upperclassmen to carry you through the lean times(paging Sherron Collins and Brady
Morningstar)? Enough talk about Texas sucking, let's focus on the good stuff; namely, DEFENSE. Dexter Pittman got more action from KU
doubleteams in this game than he has had from the entire coed
community in Austin, he was absolutely abused. And if Damion James wasn't such a freak of nature this game could have been even more lopsided. I kept hearing about these uber-talented freshman
for Texas, well they sucked (looking at you especially Avery Bradley), and J'covan Brown is an absolute Chucker, Costanza would be proud. This game leaves the Jayhawks with a three game lead over the field
and looking good to win their 120th consecutive conference title, however, don't sleep on a couple of teams down the stretch. Games at home against Oklahoma and K-state and on the road at Mizzou and at a quietly improving Texas A&M will all have the Jayhawks favored, but are by no means cake-walks

Things I liked
-Xavier Henry strapping on a set and realizing all his points don't have to come from behind the stripe, attempted some dribble-drives with varying success, loved the mid-range game from him tonight.
-Marcus Morris, holy freaking god! Statement game from him tonight,7-10 fgs, 8 rebs, 4 ast, the entire Longhorn nation asking who the
fuck was that? Simply put, there were three or four times in this
game when I said to myself, "He could not have done that last year", its a testament to an improved attitude and good coaching. He could be the hidden key to a late run come March.
-12 steals, 10 blocks, and a lot of layup drills at the Longhorns
practice on Wednesday; halfway through the 2nd half they refused to put it up inside 5 feet for fear of rejection

Things I didn't like
-The technical foul call on Aldrich after he was mugged my James. A homer call if I ever saw one, and something that would have never been called if it occured outside Austin.
-Cole Aldrich's play on the offensive end, 2-10 fgs. Something to keep an eye on is the fact that he might be regressing offensively this year. I'll keep you folks posted.
-Tyshaun Taylor's requisite two turnovers per game, this is becoming a guaranteed thing like taxes and Oklahoma players getting arrested
every year.
-10 turnovers, mostly careless, still too many against an over-hyped Texas team.

So that's about it. below are some photos from Valentines Day roller skating (hold the wall for safety), plus romantic stuff (with phoenix tickets!), and a random baby pic. And by the way, he's not my baby, just some kid i've been stalking.



  1. I don't care what all those people say about you. You're a great man, even if you missed Monday Night Madness. Oh, the stories I could tell.

  2. I'm glad I know you, otherwise "just some kid i've been stalking" could potentially sound a little creepy!

    On another note, I like your moves on 8 wheels.

  3. "On another note, I like your moves on 8 wheels."

    Is that what they call it these days?

  4. Dang, busted...and I thought only the "hip folks" new what "8 wheels" meant!

  5. HA! I like the "Txt msg of the week" theme... I not sure I could pull that one off myself, I only get messages like "Lunch?" or "Call me!"