Sunday, February 14, 2010

Street Credible! round 4

Hey everybody.

Today is Sunday, it's snowing, it's Valentines day. i was gonna be all motivated and go ride my bike, but instead im sitting here drinking a Kronenbourg... before noon. Happy Valentines Day everybody! Lets celebrate!

Yesterday was Saturday. Which was Street Cred day. It's a bike race. It was the Stairmaster edition.

Is that an R500 bike i see someone riding to Street Cred? Interesting. That one's for the 'in' crowd.

Anyway, Starimaster Street Cred = running up stairs w/ your bike in hand and then of course riding your bike all over town to get to said stairs. We rode to... The Cross Roads, River Market, Downtown, Quality Hill, Liberty Memorial, and then back to Grinders in the cross roads at 415 east 18th. It's not really that big an area but add in all the stair running (liberty memorial was a beast) and it's harder than it sounds.

The weather turned out to be great. Almost 40 degrees with very little wind. It was a lot of fun hauling ass thru downtown traffic and racing against other folks, but man... those liberty memorial steps were humbling. This video is but a small section of what ol' Liberty M has to offer. And sorry for the porno breathing soundtrack i provide, i was totally spent at this point.

The race was excellent and once again i think everyone had a great time. Even the dude who got lost. "yeah, i think Washington is near Broadway, not Prospect." Funny stuff. Another dude ended up on the HWY for a bit, that's some major Street Cred right there. Post race food and beer at the Brick was lovely, it was a little dark inside but still lovely.

On top of all that i have a random bicycle drawing and a random baby picture, he's a cute kid.

Now i gotta go, because it's time to go roller skating... with a mustache!
Stay cool


  1. Good choice with the Kronenbourg. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Mr. Selek.

  2. Should of road that parking lot instead of running in the video. That's why you didn't get first right there, and the taking time to get your video recording, which we all appreciate.

  3. Magnum P.I. says... Documenting is more important that winning. Don't forget that kids.