Monday, February 1, 2010

Text's and the Guest writer

Hey everybody.

First off lets do the text message of the week. Has anyone seen the previews for 'The Wolfman' with Benicio Tel Toro? I think it looks good but my friend is apprehensive...

Also tonight we have our special guest columnist with another ku basketball article. This time about Saturdays outstanding overtime win vs K-State.

re⋅lent⋅less [ri-lent-lis]

that does not relent; unyieldingly severe, strict, or harsh; unrelenting

As in a relentless effort, not by the Jayhawks on Saturday night, but by me for suffering through an entire game in which Dick Vitale was
giving color commentary. I should take this opportunity to thank mysponsors Valium and Jameson Irish Whisky. In all seriousness, relentless is the best adjective to describe a number of facets inthis game at a deafening Bramblage Coliseum. The KU frontline, the game plan by both coaches, the fans in Manhattan, Frank Martin's stare, all relentless, let's take these in order. What are you going to do if your a Kansas opponent? There are so many bodies they can throw at you. If it's not Aldrich or Marcus Morris (absolutely dominating conference play) it's Markeiff Morris or Thomas Robinson, they have so many players at the 4 and 5 spots its unfair (unless your a Jayhawk fan, in which case it's bad-ass). All of them can play, albeit they have different skill-sets, with just about anybody in the country.

Second, I am hard-pressed to think of a game this season
where people were just flying around the court at the rate these two teams were on Saturday night. The level of desire on both sides was palpable with K-state feeding off its crowd to an absurd degree and KU realizing these weren't their parents Wildcats, recognizing that skill alone wouldn't win the day, and subsequently matching their effort level; kudos to both teams on this score. The Octogon of Tools, I mean doom (don't get your panties in a wad K-state, just playing with you a little) was insane. The fans at Bramblage provide a home court advantage that's rarely seen (including the d-bags at Cameron).

Lastly, I am convinced that Frank Martin could bench press Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente at the same time, that guy scares me.

Things I liked:
-Tyshawn Taylor's play, minus the last minute of regulation, second only to Sherron in explosiveness going to the rim. If he earns more minutes it can only help this team.
-Brady Morningstar's paitience, another great game from Brady 4 for 5 for 14 pts, 2 ast, 3 stls, 1 TO, and most importantly 39 minutes. This guy just goes to work every game and doesn't force anything on the offensive end.
-Frank Martin, this guy should be tested for steroids but he has his players going balls out every minute of every game.
-Cole Aldrich attempting 13 FGs, only made 5 but that's right around the number of atempts he needs for this team to truly be effective. Extra points for a couple of lane violations he drew late in the game.
-Sherron Collins, what more can you say? Its like this guy has a "fu*k this, we ain't losing this game" gear, when turned on back the
fu*k up.

Things I didn't like

-The stupid Jacob Pullen beards, you guys look like morons!

-The way KU managed the last minute of regulation. Are you serious Tyshawn? The fact that they couldn't get a decent shot at the end was unacceptable.

-The way K-state players raised their hands in disbelief after every foul call, especially Curtis Kelly (who seems like a punk).

-Missed layups by KU big men, you guys are all at least 6'9, dunk the damn ball!

-The lady who kept asking me decaf refills in the last minute of the game (I was at work for the live airing and didn't see the entire game until Sunday afternoon) I know I am supposed to be waiting on you,but chill the fuck out. Some people, you know?

We did some night riding tonight followed by McCoys in Westport. L flatted on the way home but it allowed us to stop and smell the roses, which in this case meant enjoying some public artwork. That's pretty much it.


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