Monday, March 1, 2010

The Natural State... aka Arkansas

Hi Everyone,

So I spent last weekend on vacation in Arkansas. Eureka Springs, Arkansas to be exact. I'd call it a very sleepy, very hilly, very hippie, small town in north-west Arkansas. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick trip and a long weekend. It help's if your friends parents have a great little house in an awesome location... free of charge.

Eureka Springs has a little something for everyone, great outdoor activities like mountain biking and kayaking, plus a cool town to hang in... especially if your in the market for leather goods and magic crystals. If you need a pewter version of Gandolf you're in the right spot. But seriously, the town is really neat, great architecture with lots of stone and countless narrow twisting roads leading to funky old neighborhoods. It's like the South's version of a European town. (Keep in mind i've never been to 'The South' or to Europe).

For some great local mountain biking... i recommend Lake Leatherwood. We rode for 3 hrs and never repeated a thing. And the riding was awesome. Post ride eats... i recommend Bubba's BBQ. Get the Cuban. It's a smoked pork sandwich with Guacamoli, amazing.

What bike should you bring? The only answer is Mountain bike. And not just for the amazing and convenient off road trails. Every other street in Eureka Springs is the steepest street you've ever seen in your life so if you want to ride around town, and you do, then the mountain bike with the granny gear is absolutely essential. The town is so cool, get on your bike and start pedaling and you'll find tons of hidden nooks and crannies where old hippies have set up shop. Just watch out for the Giant Jesus.

It's a crazy town.

I love it.

The new Hot Chip CD was played multiple times over the weekend...
Y'all come back again real soon