Friday, March 12, 2010

Produce, weather and sports

Hey Everybody

Does anyone else get the door to door organics? it's great. Just be sure to wash the lettuce before you eat it, or it will be a little gritty. No worries lw, it happens to the best of us.

We had a small thunderstorm on Wednesday night, our street floods easily, but hopefully it will wash off some of the sand and grit leftover from a long and harsh winter. i need sunshine, stat!

I was reading the ESPN magazine and they had some sort of list of best baseball players from a fantasy baseball perspective, at least i think that what it was, all i really know is that the Kansas City Royals very own Billy Butler came it at #73. I love that guy. He's gonna have a huge year.

The Big 12 basketball tournment is in progress and it's also in Kansas City this year, which just adds to the excitement. I love when College basketball is on during the day and you can catch part of the game at lunch. It's even better when your team is awesome, they're playing in your home town which is pratically they're home town, and everyone at the bar is rooting for 'em. Lot's of great energy coming out of this town at the moment, unless your a Missouri fan, ohhh zinger!