Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Race Day - Perry Dam Race, plus baseball

Hi Everyone,

Today is Tuesday but last Sunday was another bike race. It went much better and my first race. I managed to stay with the pack the entire way and even position myself for the final sprint up the last hill to the finish line. Unfortunately i ran out of juice about half way up, but who cares, i'm much stronger than last year.

Bike racing is fun.

But it's not so fun when people crash and get hurt, not to mention break their bikes. Thankfully i avoided crashing... this time.

The post ride meal was Gate's BBQ, so good, and that was followed by some Loose Park action. Baseball is awesome, it's also fun to hit random tennis balls.


  1. it's one of Jake's friends, from the 5 race. Not a colavita member.

  2. Get upgraded to the 4s so we can set these races ablaze.