Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Sunday

i'm still too tired to do the text. Maybe this is gonna turn into a photo only blog.

Okay, maybe a little... wait, i'm having trouble concentrating due to the fact that at this very moment i'm being asked / pressured to help paint. As in paint a room, as in major pain in the a*s. Has anyone here ever painted a room, it's no fun. And it's not even my room! Let this be a lesson people, dont get talked into painting.

So anyway, Lets do a quick rundown of the photos...
  • The Jayhawks are Big 12 tourney champs, now the important Basketball begins.
  • I had another bike race on sunday.*
  • I stopped in Lawrence, KS and took a photo of the Phog Allen statue outside Allen Field House. Let's go Jayhawks.
  • While out riding, i noticed some balloons floating thru the sky, i do love those balloons.
  • That's a picture of Wilt Chamberlain, he's the man.
  • On the same ride this guy in a full Cervelo kit passed me, i chased him for 1o minutes, all the way down Main Street and would of had him, but he kept making the lights. i was on the mtn bike, he was on a road bike, yeah baby!
  • My Aunt sent me a present today, perry cool.

*Race recap: Perry Dam race, Perrl Lake, KS. The race was 4 laps at 20 miles total and each lap is punctuiated with a hill. On the third lap i lost contact with the front about halfway up the hill. Hooked up with 3 other guys and we worked well together all the way to the bottom of what was the last time up the hill. we never caught the leaders but did catch a few stragelers as we climed to the finish. i pulled ahead of my three companions but dropped my chain within sight of the finish line so i had to run the last few meters. that's right, i ran across the line. mid run i turned around and 2 or 3 guys were gaining on me so i sprinted the last few steps. the crowd loved it. i heard some guy say, "just like American Flyers." That's right buddy, now where's Ray Dawn Chong... and how about some McDonalds too?


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