Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bicicleta (Tulum, Mexico post 2 of 4)


I've lead a pretty sheltered life. This was the first time i'd been to Mexico and the first time id left the country. So now, having been and come back, it seems perfectly obvious that while in Mexico i would see so many locals riding bicycles.


They're everywhere, because they're so functional. When you don't have a car and you need to get somewhere... the bicycle is a great option. I'm sure it's this way in many less fortunate countries, bike's play an important role for lot's people.

It would be interesting to see the statistics on bike riders from America and Mexico and compare the percentage's of those who ride because they have to and those who ride for fun.

Flip flops and low tire pressure seemed to be the theme in Tulum. And a rusty chain was a must. Two passengers per bike was twice as nice but three was even better. Enjoy the pic's.

Tomorrow i'll have some food photos for you. The Chipotle burrito's were out of this world.

Love ya, bye


  1. The last pic is my favorite, I don't want to race against that guy.

  2. I'm enjoying your posts! It's a different spin on the typical trip report. I'm lucky to live in Playa del Carmen. When we moved to Mexico, my husband sold his Quintana Roo racing bike. He was so sad! But as you saw, this is not a place for expensive racing bikes! So, we make due with our rusty road bikes.

    We run a website about the area called In The Roo. We are currently holding a trip report competition. If you tell us about your trip, you could win a cash prize! Check it out at Hope to see you there.