Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boss Cross #3... it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a slightly below average cat 3 cross racer!

Hey Gang,

The third round of Boss Cross was today. The course was lots of fun, my performance was so so.

I was disappointed with my performance today. But that's okay... i have to keep the big picture in mind. Last year was my first year racing and i got dropped at the first corner of a spring fling road race. Now here i am, racing a 60 + minutes cross race... and beating a few people. Things are okay.

Plus i got some free Chili today... Bam!

Plus i'm doing this for fun... Bam!

The course was great. One tough off camber turn (see the carnage below), one tough but ridable steep hill, 2 set's of barriers. lots of sand (okay, that actually sucked). Good people. Good vibe.

My race started with a front row call up due to my totally and completely bad ass Clark Kent costume. I was a little nervous about this since i usually race from the back, but the start went fine. I got in the pedal immediately, stayed strait, and was off. It was a good learning experience. Sure, i was quickly passed by everyone who always finishes ahead of me, plus a few other folks, but that was to be expected.

I settled in and ended up having a great battle with two guys in Grey Trek kit's. They both beat me in the end but only just barely. Im sure they had their bobbles too but it didn't help when i missed a turn and plowed head first into the tape. i didn't fall, but it took me a sec to untangle and get back on the right track. It was pretty funny really, i had just attacked Grey Trek man so i looked back to see if i had a gap, then looked forward to see tape right in front of me. Whoops.

Despite all this it was still a good day. The team came out in big numbers and Colavita Corner was rocking, a big portion of that is due to our teammate who owns an entire orchestra's worth of musical instruments, we got jiggy with it. There were lot's of great costumes out there and the course was way fun. But maybe... can we cut the sand in half next year? That sh*t is leg zapping!


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