Monday, October 18, 2010

Boulevard Cup... the juicy details

Hey Gang,

Time for a proper recap of Sunday's Boulevard Cup cross race. I should of done this yesterday but didn't have time.


After a quick stop at the CVS to pick up some beer it was off to Wyandotte County Park. The women's open race was the first we saw. X raced okay and although the Colavita / Parisi crew came out in big numbers and had the cheering section down to a science, neither the wave, numerous musical instruments, nor the presence of Tricky Dick was enough to power here past her 15 year old nemesis, who from this point forward will be known as they praying Mantis. Watch out for her, and that goes for the men too.

Next up was the Men's cat 4 race. This is my favorite race to watch. The field's are the biggest and i have quite a few friends mixing it up in there. It's even better when the single speed class (which started 30 second's after the cat 4's) catches and pushes thru the cat 4 men. Pure chaos, pure awesomeness.

Here's some video of the cat 4 and single speed world's colliding.

As for my race, it went much better than last weekend. We had 32 starters in the men's 3. not a bad field size. i was in the back row for the start, not the ideal place to be but i kind of like it back there. After the sprint off the start line it was a left turn off the road, down a hill, and on the course. The course was wicked fun. fast and loose, and loose means acorns. it made for some fun fishtail turns.

I seemed to handle those fast acorn turns better than the slow sharp turn's because on the slow one's i kept going into the tape / stakes, luckily it never slowed me down too much. They had those thin plastic stakes so they bend when you hit them... which is nice. My philosophy when hitting one of those stakes is kind of like chopping a wood board in half karate style, you have to have faith and just plow thru that baby full speed ahead. Damn the torpedos! Say to yourself 'i got a cross race to finish mid pack in and no f-ing stake is gonna get in my way!'


I ended 12 out of 29 finishers, so slightly better than mid pack. I don't think i could have done much better than that, which is a good feeling. I made a conscious effort to keep it in the big chain ring as much as possible, that helped. I couldn't decide if it was better to ride or run the sand, so i tried both. Then i decided that running it made me less tired, so i ran it. At this point 'less tired' is like saying getting your finger chopped off is less painful then getting your hand chopped off, but every little digit helps. And how cool was that little half pipe section! It was like a cx roller coaster. Maybe that could be the next ride at worlds of fun, complete with beer hand-ups. Come on out and experience World's of Fun's newest attraction... 'The Cross Brew.'

Cross is so much fun.

Too bad the Chief's had to lose a heartbreaker, that would of been the capper on an otherwise perfect day.



  1. Brett spanking Phil and Unicycle helpups, thats Colavita lovin' at its finest!

  2. they praying mantis. ive never seen a group of mantis deep in prayer but i hear they are a religious lot.