Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catching the wind with Chewbacca as my co-pilot

Whoa. Tonight's ride was amazing. 

And just to catch everyone up, x has derby practice... A lot, which gives me a bunch of free time. Especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Gary Lezaks weather blog was forecasting an extreme weather shift, in a bad way, starting right when I get off work. 5pm. Everything came together after work and following a quick debate I said f it and was out the door and pedaling north into a stiff headwind by 5:50.

The bike began heading towards the sprint center, to check out the upcoming big 12 tourney stuff. Smart move because it would mean a massive tail wind all the way home. 

Saw a nice collection of bikes out riding around and made it to the Sprint Center where to my surprise... it was still light out. God bless day light saving(s). Turned around and rode the wind home. 

If my bike was the Millennium Falcon and Main st headed south between 31st and 47th was the Kessel run... I think I would have done it in under 12 parsecs. (Han Solo, Star Wars). And if it wasn't for the cab that pulled over in front of Cafe Trio I would have hit hyper drive and blasted off to a galaxy far far away. 

What I'm saying is that I was going fast.

Taking the bus lane down main street is one of my favorite rides in this city. But a quick warning, the harsh winter has reeked havoc on the streets and the bus lane is no exception. I was hopping pot holes left and right, which was way fun. 

Made it home in under two hours, just as the rain was picking up.


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