Friday, March 28, 2014

Roller Derby and Bicycles in Colorado

X and I made it out to Colorado last weekend. She had two Derby games in Denver and then we spent two extra nights in Boulder. It was pretty sweet. 

I drove out a day early and hit up the Lake Wilson mountain bike trails. After two hours of blissful hammering I hauled ass to Denver and went to bed early. 

Spent most of the next day riding around south west of Denver. Rode a lot of bike paths and then lucked into some sweet roads including a 45 minute climb. That was a first, and so was the 10 + minute descent. I took it easy for the first few minutes of the downward portion but by the end I was all in. Waaaay fun. 

Picked up the derby girls from the airport that night and from then on I squeezed in whatever riding I could. This included snowy urban mountain biking in Denver (totally awesome) a freezing cold descent of a sand covered flagstaff road, with snow (not awesome but not terrible, okay, it was kind of terrible), and a hangover ride, complete with coffee shop stop, to get the car on Tuesday morning (which was the plan all along, especially after the forth 7 and 7).

Bike vacations are the best vacations

Xcelerator and the rest of the Kansas City Roller Warriors didn't play as well as they wanted, but everyone seemed to have fun and I for one was grateful for the nudge out the door and into the great state if Colorado.

Hopefully more bike vacations to come!

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