Monday, March 10, 2014

Perry Dam Race

Yesterday I did the Perry Dam Race. I did not do well. There were some strong dudes there. 

I've put in some solid riding over the winter and I felt pretty great at the first two Spring Flings so I showed up to this race a little full of myself. Didn't warm up at all and wasn't smart about what I ate. 

From my perspective the race was hard from the get go and never slowed for any substantial amount of time. It seemed a little nuts, especially since it was so windy. We even passed the 3's, and stated in front of them. Although they were doing one more lap than us. 

I got dropped at the top of the 3rd of 6 times up the finishing hill, but before that it seemed like the same 3 or 4 guys were in the front the whole time, endlessly pedaling hard into the wind. 

Quickly Hooked up with two other dropped riders and we came close to catching back up but then they dropped me. Another guy caught up to me and we rode to the finish together. We chatted (nobody too close behind us), he did most of the pedaling, offered me some muffin when I mentioned cramping, and at the end I didn't contest the finish with him. Not that it would have mattered. I was cooked. 

I could have set my self up better for the race but at least I learned where I'm at.  That race was hard and I couldn't keep up. 

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