Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Fling... in 22 degrees

Raced spring fling yesterday. It was very cold. 

The decision to race wasn't that hard, given the fridges temps, mainly because I didn't think about it. I just went. The midway gas stop did give me pause however, it was f-ing freezing outside.

Still, with the exception of hands and eyes my body was fine during the race. Don't get me wrong, it was fairly miserable, but certainly bearable.

Stayed in the heated car as long as possible and then did one warm up lap. Around 20 on the start line, mens 4/5. Took it as easy early on and didn't contest the first intermediate sprint. On the second one there was maybe 1 dude off the front (my face and brain were frozen so really no clue, but I tried to listen to the announcer) and I took a world class line thru turn 2 and carried all that speed thru turn 3 and then after sitting in the sweet spot I attacked halfway to turn 4, two guys came flying by me with about 100 meters to go but I hung on for 4th. (Intermediate sprints give points to the top 4).

My first ever point in a spring fling! After 5 years! 

I was pretty spent after that but hung on and recovered. On the final lap there were something like 3 off the front and at the finish I tried pretty much the same move as before. At the line a guy came out of nowhere and I did a bike throw. Seemed to me like I got it but I was too cold to even give it a second thought. Finish sprint gives points to top 8.

While thawing out I began to realize how much fun I just had. Probably the most I've mixed it up in a crit, ever. Intended to race the 3/4 as well but too damn cold.

On the drive home I wore my down coat, scarf and gloves and it still took 30 min to  warm up.

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