Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Fling

Raced Spring Fling last Saturday. It was pretty awesome. 

I couldn't muster any points but as far as excitement goes, it was a winner. 

Time always seems to disappear so I had virtually no warm up. Paid the price early on and felt terrible. The field was big (60 something) and it split early... I was in the 2nd group. Luckily we rode back up but it was a hard effort and it had me breathing hard for 10 minutes after re-joining. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, there were two laps to go and I was feeling pretty good. 

The end is pretty blurry but I specifically remember my sprint. I felt like someone shot me out of a cannon. (That's a good thing when your sprinting). A lot of it has to be my new bike. This was its first race and I'm quite sure it's way stiffer then my old bike. I loved my old bike but its seen its share of use and abuse and has the carbon patches to prove it.

Back to the sprint... I was too far back to really do anything but I passed at least 5 guys and had to be close to finishing top 8. Did a bike throw with two other dudes and they must have just beat me. 

I'm kicking myself for bring so far back when the sprint started. Obviously I had the legs, now I need the brain. 

X and I are in Colorado next weekend for Roller Derby and bicycles, but I cant wait to get to the next start line.

I got the fever!

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