Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lazy Saturday - snowed in... so i guess were walkin

Being 'snowed in' equals lots of down time. Here are some down time snow day photos, ect.

It was a sloth day for most of the day today man. I felt like Floyd in True Romance. Breakfast was Heinekin and pancakes. Later i took a walk around the UMKC campus and then had a cup of coffee and perused the sports page. That was followed up with pepperoni pizza for dinner. One nice thing about your car being snowed in is that your forced to walk everywhere. You ever go to summer school in a college town? it's great because the whole town is basically empty so even though it's the same place you've been going every day for the last three years it feels completely different. Thats what it feels like with all this snow, deserted, quite, peaceful.

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