Sunday, December 20, 2009

The weekend wrap up post - Minskies and Boulevard

Okay, it's Sunday night and as promised, here's the weekend wrap-up post.

Thursday night... ate a delicious Minskie's calzone, that's about it.

Friday night... went to Minskies again but this time for the pizza (got the combo,) then finished Shawshank on the couch. Earlier that day while at work i ate a delicious mini velvet cake cup cake.

Saturday... Ku Basketball on the tube at 11am followed by the customer appreciation party at the Volker bike shop (w/ IPA keg from McCoy's and tasty homemade sweets, i.e. balls of chocolate filled w/ crushed oreo's and cream cheese.) After that was dinner, a turkey club plus nachos at the Tanners in Waldo. The free cigarette girls were there and they were cute. I had a nice buzz going.

Sunday... A little bit of everything really. Bike riding, recycling glass, plunging, chiefs radio w/ Mitch Holthus and Len Dawson, and of course kicking it old school on the screened in porch watching Squirrels and drinking Boulevards Single-Wide IPA. Lastly, just a few hours ago, i was hanging with my old cat. His health is fading fast and this will be his last christmas. Tonight he got steak for dinner.

I've taken the day off work tomorrow and am planning a few activities that should result in numerous high quality photos. Stay tuned.

au revoir

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