Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lazy snowy Sunday - w/ balloons

I'm getting blogged out. i need a new strategy... new rule: effective immediately there is a 30 min maximum on each post. This means that from the moment i sit down at my desk to begin the process of maintaining this page (loading photos, writing, arranging,) i have 30 min to be finished and on to bigger and better things. And those bigger and better things are what can make this blog interesting, otherwise it's just me sitting around trying to remember if anything noteworthy happened today.

So anyway, back to today... The sun was out big time so after a quick shower and shave i headed out to the local breakfest joint. Unfortunately it was packed croweded and i ended up taking the car to Windsteads. Back home the Chiefs were on tv and they hung around for a while before finally losing. A little later some old friends came over, one of them is now a commercial fisherman in Seattle and has a 4 month Alaska job coming up. He'll be fishing in Sand Point, Alaska.

Later in the evening i watched The Hangover and drank some Shiner Bock, just like they do in that great old Kevin Costner movie, Fandango.

Oh... and i corralled some balloons.

  • Did i mention how much i like the band Real Estate - Real Estate, 'Fake Blues'
  • Anyone remember this - old HBO intro.
  • Maybe the best opening to any movie ever - Manhattan.
  • Tomorrow is the first of 4 night of NYE Phish in Miami so here's something to wet the appetite - Live Phish, 'Llama'
  • By the way... it took me 48 min to complete this post.

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