Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday - Vacation day and public art work

As i mentioned yesterday, i took the day off work today and therefore had the entire day to do whatever my heart desired.

Unfortunately i slothed it up at my place till about 2pm before finally making it outside. The Sun was shining and i got some espresso at the local coffee shop. They were playing a sweet live version of Phish's 'Tweezer' on the satellite radio. I noticed in the sports section that Tony Gonzalez caught the game winner for the Falcons yesterday. Tony's a former Chiefs so you gotta like that. My horoscope said i should "express your new found radiance" so i went for a bike ride.

After stopping by the bike shop to check out the $14,000 Pinarello i headed out around town to take some photos. I tried to find some nice public art. After that it was time to 'Super Man up' and then head to McCoy's for pizza, pepperoni.

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