Thursday, December 31, 2009

Text message of the week

Usually this goes up on monday but i've been busy. Don't judge me.

  • This text really has it all... a sense of action, exciting locations, good sentence structure, and reference to a great movie. If you don't get the reference don't worry, but perhaps you should be watching more movies.

Monday, December 28, 2009

To Max, a good friend...

It saddens me to say this but my cat is about to be put under. He doesn't live with me anymore but technically he's still my cat. i took another vacation day so with the sun shining bright i went over too spend some quality time with my good pal. He's still got it too, but he's old. Actually i don't know how old he even is, i do remember having Max as far back as Middle School. That was 1993 or 1994. Plus he was already fully grown when we got him. So that makes Max at least 15 years old and probably closer to 20! That's a great run. When you convert cat years to human years i'd be tickled pink with his gig. We spent countless lazy days together, Max and i. When he goes, a part of me being a kid does too. He's the man...


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lazy snowy Sunday - w/ balloons

I'm getting blogged out. i need a new strategy... new rule: effective immediately there is a 30 min maximum on each post. This means that from the moment i sit down at my desk to begin the process of maintaining this page (loading photos, writing, arranging,) i have 30 min to be finished and on to bigger and better things. And those bigger and better things are what can make this blog interesting, otherwise it's just me sitting around trying to remember if anything noteworthy happened today.

So anyway, back to today... The sun was out big time so after a quick shower and shave i headed out to the local breakfest joint. Unfortunately it was packed croweded and i ended up taking the car to Windsteads. Back home the Chiefs were on tv and they hung around for a while before finally losing. A little later some old friends came over, one of them is now a commercial fisherman in Seattle and has a 4 month Alaska job coming up. He'll be fishing in Sand Point, Alaska.

Later in the evening i watched The Hangover and drank some Shiner Bock, just like they do in that great old Kevin Costner movie, Fandango.

Oh... and i corralled some balloons.

  • Did i mention how much i like the band Real Estate - Real Estate, 'Fake Blues'
  • Anyone remember this - old HBO intro.
  • Maybe the best opening to any movie ever - Manhattan.
  • Tomorrow is the first of 4 night of NYE Phish in Miami so here's something to wet the appetite - Live Phish, 'Llama'
  • By the way... it took me 48 min to complete this post.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lazy Saturday - snowed in... so i guess were walkin

Being 'snowed in' equals lots of down time. Here are some down time snow day photos, ect.

It was a sloth day for most of the day today man. I felt like Floyd in True Romance. Breakfast was Heinekin and pancakes. Later i took a walk around the UMKC campus and then had a cup of coffee and perused the sports page. That was followed up with pepperoni pizza for dinner. One nice thing about your car being snowed in is that your forced to walk everywhere. You ever go to summer school in a college town? it's great because the whole town is basically empty so even though it's the same place you've been going every day for the last three years it feels completely different. Thats what it feels like with all this snow, deserted, quite, peaceful.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas time is here

It's Christmas, and we have snow on the ground in KC!

The snow started yesterday about the same time i was leaving to see the family. By morning we had at least 6 inches and the newspaper never got delivered. My friend had a great idea, sledding. So we went and it was awesome...

...till one of us broke two bones in her wrist. Yep. Sorry M. Besides that it was great, especially the coffee and whisky. I recommend whisky for every sledding trip.

As usual i did the traditional Christmas with the family. As usual the food was excellent (i forgot to take pictures of the food,) but this year we had more people than usual and that made for a lively day. lots of drinking and laughing. Usually i don't show faces in photos but i'll make an exception for the one below, it is Christmas after all. W.W.S.D. Figure it out. My 90 yr old grandma was there too, still going strong.

One thing i noticed... the Direct tv Christmas music channel was awful. So awful that i changed it to the XMU station where this came on - Washed Out, 'Feel if All Around' Best song of the year. Loved it. And who cares if i've posted it already. It fits in any situation.

Christmas Day Meal
  • Roast?
  • Ham
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Yukon Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Bean Casarol
  • Three Cheese Macaroini
  • Bread
  • Jello cake stuff, awesome
  • Apple pie w/ Vanilla Ice Cream
Here are three things related to the three men listed on the Apples to Apple cards in the below photo.
Final random thoughts about the last two days... i've always felt that i have superior driving skills and that goes for snow too. i love driving in the snow! Shoveling snow is f'ing hard work. Know your judge in Apples to Apples.

Now it's late, and im tired, so i'm gonna go fall asleep to old bike racing videos. F. Schleck at Amstel Gold, holla!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday night in KC - w/ video jukebox

Last night was fun. After work i hit up the plaza to do some last minute Christmas shopping. i paid $18.95 / pair for some smart wool socks compared to the $3.95 / pair that my friend paid on-line. Upon learning that i thought to my self.

After that debacle i got the crew together and we rolled 5 deep to the R bar, which was dead but still nice. Some old friends were there. Next it was on to The Drop, which was also dead, but playing the video jukebox was fun. I can only remember 5 of the 7 songs i picked...
After that we had some late night Taco Bell (and spent over $15, that's a lot of Taco Bell) followed by falling asleep on the couch watching the original Mad Max.

The last picture is of my fridge. i was poring a glass of water, looked up, and realized that this 1ft by 1ft square of my refrigerator says a ton about who i am as person. A picture is worth a thousand words right? i'm gonna start paying attention to other peoples refrigerator's.


  • Announcements... The 2009 mix will be available soon. i will post a copy asap (but not to listen to since i dont know how to do that.)
  • On a personal note... it was almost a year ago to the day that my last serious relationship ended. Man, it's nice to be over that sh*t but now i'm ready for some more. Fill it up again! 2010 has a nice ring to it and seems like the type of year where good things happen. That, or it's the setting for a Roland Emmerich Movie.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday - Vacation day again w/ cards, coffee, bbq, ku bball

I took the day off work today, so like yesterday i had the entire day at my disposal. After a filling lunch at The Mixx, turkey club w/ chips, i met some friends at the coffee shop. We played Polish poker, pretty fun.

We got Jackstack carryout for dinner, it's all good but be sure to get the cheesy corn. Going carryout was perfect since we had to catch the 8pm Ku basketball game. Plus when you do Jackstack carryout you dont even have to get our of your car. Which is nice.

After that we had late night Polish poker, plus playing with balloons.

It's been a long weekend and i actually have to go to work tomorrow, so im going to bed.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday - Vacation day and public art work

As i mentioned yesterday, i took the day off work today and therefore had the entire day to do whatever my heart desired.

Unfortunately i slothed it up at my place till about 2pm before finally making it outside. The Sun was shining and i got some espresso at the local coffee shop. They were playing a sweet live version of Phish's 'Tweezer' on the satellite radio. I noticed in the sports section that Tony Gonzalez caught the game winner for the Falcons yesterday. Tony's a former Chiefs so you gotta like that. My horoscope said i should "express your new found radiance" so i went for a bike ride.

After stopping by the bike shop to check out the $14,000 Pinarello i headed out around town to take some photos. I tried to find some nice public art. After that it was time to 'Super Man up' and then head to McCoy's for pizza, pepperoni.